is a multi-disciplinary designer based in NYC. She got her BFA in Design from School of Visual Arts, and she is now exploring new technologies at  ITP.


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Title Sequence

Motion Graphics, 2022

This is a title sequence for Anne of Green Gables, one of my treasured books. I painstakingly created all of the characters and assets through the illustrations of hand-drawing. The references I used are all based on the original book series, which allowed me to create this motion graphics that elegantly summarized and highlighted the entire story.

During the creative process, I explored various color schemes, drawing styles, and compositions, constantly adjusting and tweaking until I achieved the perfect balance for each asset.

After finalizing the styleframes, I moved on to build the assets that would be animated in the title sequence. I took great care to separate the assets into different layers, ensuring optimal control and flexibility during the animation process.

The result is a captivating and enchanting title sequence that brings to life the charming story of Anne Shirley, a spirited young orphan who finds a loving home and family on Prince Edward Island. Drawing inspiration from the original book series, my title sequence serves as a beautiful and vivid summary of the entire tale, showcasing the most memorable moments and characters in a fresh and captivating way.