is a multi-disciplinary designer based in NYC. She got her BFA in Design from School of Visual Arts, and she is now exploring new technologies at  ITP.


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Branding, 2023

FARMNYC is a hypothetical branding project which is aiming to create the visual identity system for urban farms in NYC. It will bridge the connection between the city and the farm, creating a platform for New Yorkers to engage with and support the urban agriculture system while promoting the sustainable development of urban agriculture.

It bridges the connection between the city and the farm, providing a platform for New Yorkers to participate in and back the urban agriculture system. By doing so, it highlights the ecological advantages of urban agriculture, making it attractive to eco-conscious consumers who aim to contribute positively to the city.

Spring Campaign
This spring campaign, Urban Farms Movement, is scheduled to occur annually in April, recognized as the optimal month for farming and harvesting.  All visual components of this campaign seamlessly align with the established brand identity.